Short URLs


These services allow you to create shorter URLs, which are easier to remember and work better in e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, etc: (Threely) - "The 3 letter URL shortener...the shortest in the World"

6URL - not only makes Short / Tiny URL of your Long URL, it also hides Affiliate ID from the link

abbrr - abreviador de urls

Adjix - a way for people to create short links to Web sites, tweet them, track clicks, and earn revenue - shortens iPhone App URL's so you can share them across the web - offers fully hosted URL shorteners running on your domain with full clickstream stats, Google Analytics integration, and robust APIs -a bacon-related link shortener that can be used on popular social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and MySpace to integrate links to things you're trying to show your friends

Beam.To - Increase the visitors on your homepage by beaming them up to your site with a free and easy to remember B2-Redirect URL - Shorten long URLs with, a simple, small URL service Pro - provides custom short URLs powered by Publishers and bloggers will be able to use their own short domain names to point to pages on their sites - a service of Brinkster (a web hosting company). With! you can take a long URL, shorten it, share it, and then track the traffic to it - a service that creates short aliases of long urls of website to get a short, snappy and easy to remember name that we can share easily over email, microblogging services like Twitter, Jaiku or text message, saving our time as well as some characters(u kno 140 char!)

BurnURL - lets you take a long URL and turn it into a short one, in the form of - a service that turns long URL's into easy to share links

Cligs - short URLs with analytics, social media monitoring, and geotargeting

C-O.IN - a cost free and Ad free URL redirection service (also known as URL forwarding) allowing anyone with a website to register a free subdomain and redirect it to their real URL

CO.NR Free Domain Name project - developed to provide Free Domain Names or Free Subdomain of .CO.NR domain name to those who wish to get a cool and free domain name, free subdomain or free short URL, that looks like a real paid domain name

DecentURL - Making ugly URLs decent. To make an ugly web address much nicer, just paste it in and click the button

Delivr - Effortless sharing with a tricked-out, mobile-friendly URL - Big URLs Made Small - create brief URLs using your own keywords - urls keep getting longer and longer. they are becoming increasingly harder to remember and longer to type. why should you have to deal with this petty annoyance?

dwarfURL - just enter your big ole' ugly URL and our little workers will shrink it down to a managable size. It's absolutely free to use, and your newly created link will never expire. You can even enter in a password and see the statistics (how many clicks and where from) for your dwarfURL - take those messy, way too long to remember, complicated URLs (or web addresses) and shorten them to something someone could easily remember (or type in) - A URL shortener that makes cute urls with emojicons - a URL shortener unlike any other. lets you choose your own custom domain name, invite others to use the service, and provides real-time statistics on every click

Faceto.Us - Facebook shortcuts - Facebook. For more info see Inside Facebook

fbFollow.Me - provides free short URLS for Facebook pages, groups, profiles and applications - offers free url redirection to your site - "5 Times FASTER than TinyURL!" - Shorten multiple urls into one - you can choose what short URL you want as well as being chosen a random URL. Furthermore it can be used to host webpages for free - A link shortening service that will convert a long link into to a shorter one in which you can use in Twitter, IM, or Email messages. Your link will not only display the page you want to share, but also add an information box where your readers can comment on your link

Google URL Shortener - at is a service that takes long URLs and squeezes them into fewer characters to make a link that is easier to share, tweet, or email to friends

HotRedirect - you can have your own cool, easy-to-remember subdomain for free. This subdomain will redirect your visitors to your actual website - a url shortener, you have a long url, we have some short ones to spare. Sounds like a fair trade - Shorten Ur URL in 2 Secs is owned and powered by Sugar Amigo Webmedia Pvt Ltd. - a simple url shortener powered by

Jaze Redirect Service - Get your own unique free redirect for life today - zkratky pro adresy www stránek - Make your favourite link as short as possible

Link spreader - a URL shortening website with a difference. You can include your message/comment about the link in the link itself. Shorter URLs are available as a sidekick for use with Twitter - this short URL service is free to use and you don't have to register to use all of it's functionality - Free service to shorten long URLs

Metamark Shorten Service - enter a long url and let us make it short - Hide links, Free short url redirection - You can set your preferences to display a preview of each URL before you get redirected to the destination URL so you know where you are going before you are sent there - Cloaked redirection

notlong - make a long URL not long

Nutshellurl - created to enable users to produce a short, user-friendly URL (a nutshell) from a long URL - Free service for making a long url short. Just input your long url, we will give you a short one - converts your long links -- too big for emails, forum posts, or instant messengers -- and converts them into a URL as short as 8 characters - a no-frills Short URL service. It provides a simple API service as well for developers to integrate Short-URL generation into their apps. You can create custom Short URLs also, subject to the keyword being available - Free short permanent URLs - creates a short, easy to remember personal web address to take people directly to your facebook profile, page or group, so you can share the link with other people, post it on forums, show it on your myspace page or print it on your business cards - allows users to make their own shortcuts for long URLs - aims to be an interesting and simple URL shortener service that was created to be used by many internauts due to its simplicity and effectiveness - simple service for shortening long URLs - allows users to shorten, share, and track links (URLs). It is a simple service with one goal, easy shortening and easy analysis - URL shortener with the usual features plus an added twist: it lets you know all about the popularity of the tweets you put about using the shortened URL, and how many users are retweeting them - Get your own super short, retweetable and trackable url

RubyURL - created as a free service to make posting long URLs easier

RY.PE is your one stop solution to bookmark, shorten, share and comment all your favorite websites! We have merged the potential of social bookmarking services, to save you all the hassle and give you all the goodness - addresses the two main criticisms to URL shorteners: security and transparency. All links are thoroughly verified for viruses, malware, phishing, malicious content, session stealing, cross-site scripting attacks, etc. Any suspicious link gets flagged, and users are warned about it. is also the most transparent URL shortener service: all links generated by are publicly available, and updated regularly

SG5 Short Url Redirection - Registering your new address is fast, easy, and free, Your new free short URL address will be activated immediately upon registration, and you can modify it instantly at any time - shortening your URL very short... - makes long URLs short. Also offers a bookmarklet

Short Links - based in UK - turns long URLs into a shorter link for cutting and pasting into emails or elsewhere - a cost free and annoying ad free URL forwarding service (a.k.a URL redirection) allowing anyone to take any existing website address (ie. and turn it into a short and memorable subdomain like

Shorty - a simple tool for creating shorter, human- readable links from long URLs

SHurl - creates shorter links than

Sitelutions Redirection - provides your site with a free easy-to-remember address that never changes

Skracacz URL-i - With our free service, you can now have shorter URL that never expires - a free shortcut service to help you make the internet shorter. We also want to connect links in a big network that grows organically. This service was created by Dorival Teixeira Neto, a system developer, during his Ruby on Rails studies. The logo, colors and website layout (CSS and HTML) were made by himself as well, and his friends helped him with tips and criticism

SnipURL - provides a tool to shorten long web links, track their interest levels, and share them in emails

StartURL - will go directly to the page of your choice - the only URL shortener that also helps your content get discovered! Every URL exposes your content to StumbleUpon's nearly 8 million users

SwiftyURL - Convert large URLs into short, memorable ones

TightURL - Tighten up long URLs to make short ones - share short URLS, pictures, and files on twitter - providing URLs that won't break in email - This site shortens URLs for use on networks like Twitter. No account is required, but you can install the bookmarklet for quicker tweeting. Shutting down end of 2009 - a URL shortener for all things music that connects artists with their fan communities on Twitter and helps fans share music and cool music content. Shorten a link to an MP3 and you can listen to it and see tweets about it

TrustURL - a paid member only short URL redirection service. It's for members that want users to trust their short URLs

TubeURL - "gives you the best way to post on blogs or forums" - teensy url redirect

Tweetbucks - Shorten any link, make money

Twurls from Tweetburner - Twurlthis!

Ulimit - Get a simple, reliable and permanent address for your website and your email. You won't lose any visitors and your email will follow you

ur1 Generator - an Open Service from Contrôlez-Vous, Inc., powered by lilURL. Full source available under the terms of the GNU General Public License

URL Hawk - allows you to create a short URL that redirects to a longer less memorable URL - We turn long and complex website addresses into short and simple URLs that you can share online, in print or even in person - a free URL truncation service

URLcut - a free, no-ad service that will let you shorten long, confusing URLs

urlPire - will create a free small URL that will work in email messages and websites and best of all it will never expire

urlShort by Maverick Revolution - making long URLs short, and keeping track of who accesses them

VapURL -create a temporary url that redirects to a page. The link will stop working as soon as either the visit limit or time limit has been reached

VDirect - Change the hard-to-remember URL that your hosting company gave you into something easy to remember

Virl is something of a Web 2.0/Twitter utopia. On the one hand, you can use it to upload and share pictures with your Twitter buddies; on the other hand, you can shorten links with it to point them to an interesting article or site - by entering in your required URL we will create a WapURL that shortens WAP pages and text messages. That's not all, with this site your WapURL never expires

The WebAlias Network - home of the world's most powerful web forwarding and url redirection service - short URLs for Wordpress blogs

YATUC - convert your long, hard to remember links into short and easy links you can share on the internet

Yep - a free service of short URL redirection - a shortener for YouTube video links - a free service to zipli (short) your URL's - empowers you to create small URL without having to leave the site you are visualizing